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Coalition Goal Setting


Charles Bell
William Smith
Jeffery King

Your Road Map to Success

Before you start a trip, you may need a road map to tell you how to get to your destination. A coalition also should have a plan for how they want to meet their goals. This fact sheet will help develop your plan as a coalition, to he successful.

This fact sheet will:

Characteristics of Goals

It is important that members of the coalition keep certain characteristics in mind as they develop goals. As each is developed, put it to the test. Does it include the following characteristics? Goals must be:

After the goals have been established, allow the members to review them before they are written in final form. Input and acceptance is a vital ingredient to successfully accomplishing the group's goals.

Establishing Coalition Goals

By the time goal setting takes place members or organizations should have already participated in a needs assessment. From this the group:

Group goals need to be a blend of individual goals. It is vital that all members of the coalition participate in goal development. This will:

It is also important for all coalition members to:

Turning Goals Into Action

It is vital for the coalition members to write the group's goals. Goals that are in one's head are merely dreams, but written goals are a commitment.

Goals are turned into action by working from the long term to the short term. Decide what must be done and in what order. Next decide what will be done during a specific period. Design small specific bite-size programs and activities that support the short-term goals. If order is important decide a sequence for your activities. These questions will help:


The general goal of a coalition is the positive change in people and programs. By developing sound goals the coalition will have a road map that will enable you to address issues of today and tomorrow.


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