Ohio State University Extension Bulletin

Mosquito Pest Management

Bulletin 641

Livestock Control

Sprays on livestock will provide only temporary control of mosquitoes, and applications should be made daily. One of the more effective insecticides is:

pyrethrins 0.1% plus synergist Mist spray one to two fluid ounces per animal. Repeat as needed. Do not wet skin. No pre-slaughter interval.

Insecticidal treatment of pasture will provide limited control because there is the constant problem of mosquitoes migrating into the treated areas. Malathion and carbaryl (Sevin), as recommended for residual lawn and vegetation spraying, can be used. Follow label directions and safety precautions.

For additional information on controlling insect pests of livestock, refer to Ohio State University Extension Bulletin 473, "Pest Management Recommendations for Livestock and Livestock Buildings."

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