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Alfalfa Variety Characteristics*


This leaflet includes a listing of over 150 alfalfa varieties adapted to Ohio growing conditions. The listing is adapted from a leaflet published by the Certified Alfalfa Seed Council which identifies the disease and growth (fall dormancy) characteristics. All of the varieties are eligible for certification by seed- certifying agencies and are currently available for purchase in the United States. Varieties designated only by a number are listed first, the remainder are listed alphabetically. The format is designed to facilitate comparisons between varieties. Blank spaces indicate that a variety is susceptible or has not been adequately tested.

Less than 10 percent of the available certified alfalfa varieties are "public varieties" which are sold by many different marketers. The remainder are "proprietary varieties" which are sold only by specific marketers. A listing of names and addresses for marketing information of these varieties is included.

The abbreviations for the column headings are:

Disease resistance ratings are based upon the percent of plants within a variety expressing resistance to the disease indicated.

% Resistant plants Resistance class
0-5% Susceptible (S)
6-14% Low Resistance (LR)
15-30% Moderate Resistance (MR)
31-50% Resistance (R)
>50% High Resistance (HR)


Variety Marketer FD Bw Vw Fw An PRR RKN
88 L.L. Olds 4 R R R R MR --
98 L.L. Olds 3 HR R R HR R --
120 DeKalb 3 HR -- R LR R --
526 Pioneer 2 HR -- MR -- LR --
555 Pioneer 4 HR -- MR -- -- --
624 Garst 4 R LR R MR MR --
629 Garst 3 R MR R MR MR --
630 Garst 4 HR MR R MR R --
633 Germain's 4 HR R R HR HR --
2833 CIBA-GEIGY Seeds 3 HR R HR HR HR --
2980 L.L. Olds 3 HR R R R HR --
5262 Pioneer 2 HR LR MR -- R --
5311 Pioneer 3 HR MR HR -- R --
5331 Pioneer 4 HR LR HR HR R --
5333 Pioneer 4 HR MR HR HR R --
5364 Pioneer 4 R MR R MR MR --
5373 Pioneer 4 HR R HR HR MR --
5432 Pioneer 4 HR R HR -- MR --
5472 Pioneer 4 HR MR HR MR MR --
A-54 Embro Seed 2 MR -- -- -- LR --
Action Research Seeds 4 R MR R HR R --
AF 21 Asgrow 4 HR R R HR R --
AF 31 Asgrow 4 HR R HR HR HR --
Aggressor ABI 4 HR R HR HR HR --
AgriBoss Cropmate 3 HR MR HR HR HR --
Agri-MATE Cropmate 4 R R HR R R --
Agate Public 2 HR -- HR MR R --
Alfagraze ABI 2 MR -- R MR LR --
Allegiance Keltgen/Lynks 3 R R R HR R --
Allstar Hytest Seed 4 HR R HR HR HR MR
Alpine Oasis/Bio-Plant Res. 2 R R R R R --
Anstar FFR 4 R -- MR R -- --
Apollo ABI 4 R -- R LR R --
Apollo II ABI 4 R MR R MR HR --
Apollo Supreme ABI 4 HR R HR HR R --
Arc Public 4 LR -- MR HR -- LR
Archer ABI 5 MR MR HR R R --
Arrow ABI 3 HR R HR MR HR --
Asset Allied Seed 4 HR R R R HR --
Baker Public 2 HR -- R LR -- --
Belmont Great Plains 5 HR R R HR R --
Big 10 Great Lakes 3 HR -- HR R R --
Blazer Cenex/Land O'Lakes 3 HR LR R LR MR --
Blazer XL Cenex/Land O'Lakes 3 R R HR HR HR --
Break-thru Custom Farm Seed 3 HR R HR MR HR --
Bronco Jung 3 HR R HR HR HR --
Centurion Agway/Allied 3 HR R R R R --
RKNChamp Research Seeds 3 R MR HR -- MR --
Chief Jacques 4 HR R R R HR MR
Cimarron Great Plains 4 HR LR HR R MR --
Cimarron VR Great Plains 4 HR R HR HR R --
Clipper Payco 2 HR R HR R R --
Columbo Plant Genetics 3 R HR HR R R MR
Comet Moews 3 HR R R MR R --
Commandor Northrup King 4 R MR R HR R --
Crockett Northrup King 5 HR -- MR HR R --
Crown Cargill 3 R R R HR R --
Crown II Cargill 3 HR R HR HR HR --
Crystal Mike Brayton Seeds 4 HR R HR R HR --
Cutter Payco 4 R R HR R HR --
Dart AgriPro 3 HR R HR R HR --
Deseret Public 5 MR -- -- -- -- --
DK 122 DeKalb 2 HR R R HR HR --
DK 125 DeKalb 3 HR R R HR R --
DK 135 DeKalb 4 R MR R MR MR --
Drummor Northrup King 4 R -- MR MR R --
Duke AgriPro 4 R -- R MR HR --
Dyna-II Stine 3 R HR HR R R --
Dynasty Dairyland 4 HR R R MR R --
Eagle Asgrow 4 HR MR R R MR --
Echo Callahan/ProfiSeed 4 R R R MR R --
Edge Research Seeds 4 R R R HR R --
Elevation Jacques 3 R MR R -- MR --
Emerald Plains 4 R MR R MR R --
EMPRESS Blaney/Casterline 4 HR R HR R HR MR
Endure Cargill 3 R R R MR R --
Envy Peterson Seed 3 HR R HR HR R --
Epic Mike Peterson 4 R -- MR -- R --
Excalibur Agway/Allied 4 R R HR MR LR --
Flint Plant Genetics 4 R LR HR HR R --
Fortress Northrup King 4 R R R R HR --
G-2841 CIBA-GEIGY Seeds 3 HR R R R R --
G-2852 CIBA-GEIGY/Hoffman 4 HR R R HR R --
GH715 Golden Harvest 3 R LR R MR MR --
GH737 Golden Harvest 4 R R R MR HR MR
GH 747 Golden Harvest 4 HR MR R HR HR --
Garst 636 Garst 2 HR R R MR R --
Garst 645 Garst 3 HR R R HR HR --
Good as Gold Johnston 4 HR R HR R HR --
Gourmet Hay Gutwein 4 HR R HR HR R MR
Haymark FFR 3 R -- HR HR R --
Hi-phy FFR 4 HR -- HR -- MR --
Husky Plant Genetics 3 R -- R MR MR --
Impact Peterson Seed 3 HR R HR MR R --
Jade NC+ Hybrids 4 HR R R R HR --
Kingstar King Grain/Dahlgren 3 R R HR MR R MR
Legacy Genesis 4 HR R HR R HR --
Legend Cenex/Land O'Lakes 4 HR R HR HR HR --
RKNMagnum Dairyland 4 R -- R MR LR --
Magnum+ Dairyland 4 R LR R MR R --
Magnum III Dairyland 4 R MR R MR R --
Majestic Agway 3 R HR HR HR MR --
Mede Union Seed 5 MR MR HR R R --
Mercury Moews 3 R -- HR MR HR --
Milkmaker Plant Genetics 3 R -- HR MR MR --
Mohawk N.Y.S.I.C. 2 HR -- MR HR -- --
MultiKing I Northrup King 3 HR R HR R R --
Multi-plier Jacques 3 HR R HR HR HR --
New Era 90 Voris/Didion 4 HR R HR HR HR R
Oneida N.Y.S.I.C. 2 HR -- R -- HR --
Oneida VR N.Y.S.I.C. 3 R HR HR MR MR --
Patriot McCurdy 4 R R R R R --
Peak Research Seeds 4 R LR R -- MR --
Perry Public 3 R -- R LR MR --
Precedent Doeblers/Wyffels 4 HR R R R HR --
Premier Wyffels/Dahlgren 4 HR R HR HR HR MR
Pro-Cut L. Herried 4 HR R HR R HR MR
Pro-Cut 2 L. Herried 4 HR R R R HR --
Profit Peterson-Biddick 2 HR R HR MR R --
Promise Garst/Hoffman 4 HR R HR HR HR MR
Quest Renk 4 HR R HR R HR MR
RamRod Bio-Plant Research 4 R R R MR R --
Riley Public 4 HR LR -- MR -- --
Recovery Plant Genetics 4 R R R R R --
Recovery III Stine 4 HR R HR HR HR --
Resistar FFR 4 R HR HR R HR --
Renegade Geertson 3 R LR MR S R --
Royalty Cargill 3 HR R HR HR HR MR
Salute Keltgen/Lynks 4 HR MR R MR R --
Saranac N.Y.S.I.C. 4 R -- -- -- -- --
Saranac AR N.Y.S.I.C. 4 MR -- R HR -- --
Shenandoah Great Plains 5 HR -- HR HR HR --
Shield Great Lakes 3 HR R R HR R --
Sparta Cenex/Land O'Lakes 3 R R MR -- MR --
Spredor 2 Northrup King 1 HR -- MR -- -- --
Starmaster Doeblers 3 R R R MR R --
Sure Cenex/Land O'Lakes 3 HR R HR HR R --
Surpass Cenex/Land O'Lakes 3 HR R HR MR R --
Target Bio-Plant Research 4 HR MR R MR HR --
Target II Bio-Plant Research 4 HR R R R R --
Terminator LaCrosse 4 HR R HR R R --
Thrive Great Lakes 3 HR R HR HR HR --
Tomahawk Jung 4 R MR R HR MR --
Top Ton Garst 4 HR R HR HR R --
Trident Cargill 4 R -- HR MR HR --
Trident II Cargill 3 HR R R R HR --
Ultra Seedtec/AgriPro 3 HR R HR HR R --
Ultimate Terra Int. 4 HR R R HR R --
Vector Peterson Seed 4 R MR HR R R --
Vernal Public 2 R -- MR -- -- MR
Vernema Public 4 MR MR -- LR LR --
Verta+ NC+ Hybrids 4 HR R R HR R --
Victory Hytest 3 HR R HR HR MR --
VIP Research Seeds 3 HR R R R R --
Voyager Bio-Plant Research 4 HR MR R MR R --
WL225 W-L Research 2 HR R HR MR HR MR
WL316 W-L Research 4 MR R R HR MR MR
WL317 W-L Research 3 HR R HR R HR MR
WL320 W-L Research 4 R MR HR MR R MR
WL322 HQ W-L Research 4 HR R HR MR R LR
Washoe Public 5 R -- -- LR R --
Webfoot Great Lakes 3 R -- MR S R --
Wrangler Public 2 R LR R LR HR --
Zenith Garst 3 HR R R HR HR -

FALL DORMANCY (FD) Alfalfa varieties with fall dormancy ratings of 1 through 5 are considered adequately winter hardy for Ohio conditions while those of 6 or higher are not considered adapted. Varieties with higher fall dormancy ratings tend to grow at a lower temperature. Thus they begin to grow earlier in the spring and later into the fall, extending the growing season. Until recently it was generally felt that fall dormancy rating was very closely correlated with winter hardiness. This relationship with modern varieties seems less dependable. For example, a variety with a "2" dormancy rating may not always have greater cold tolerance compared to one with "3" fall dormancy rating.

DISEASE RESISTANCE Unlike varieties of many other crops, an alfalfa variety consists of plants with many different genetic characteristics. Thus the term "moderate resistance" means that 15 to 30% of the plants in the field will be resistant to that particular disease. This means that the remaining 70 to 85% of the plants will be susceptible. Consequently, it is not unusual to see moderate damage from some diseases even on a "resistant" variety.

BACTERIAL WILT (Bw) and FUSARIUM WILT (Fw) Nearly all alfalfa varieties currently grown in Ohio have resistance to Bacterial Wilt and Fusarium Wilt. The widespread use of these varieties has greatly diminished the significance of these diseases. However, severe losses can still be incurred in stands of susceptible varieties.

ANTHRACNOSE (An) Anthracnose occurs during hot, rainy weather. The fungus attacks individual stems and grows into the crown, causing a crown rot and eventual death of the plant. Severe stand losses may occur the second and third year after seeding.

PHYTOPHTHORA ROOT ROT (PRR) This disease typically occurs in heavy or poorly drained soils. However, when any soil becomes water saturated, the fungus may invade the taproot and destroy the plant. Even resistant varieties are fairly susceptible to Phytophthora in the seedling stage.

VERTICILLIUM WILT (Vw) First detected in Ohio in 1984, this disease still has a limited distribution within the state, having been confirmed on 16 farms in 9 Ohio counties. It has been found in Franklin, Medina, Stark, Wayne, Knox, Ashland, Holmes, Columbiana and Logan Counties as of September, 1991. Verticillium Wilt is usually introduced into a field on infested seed and generally does not become a problem until the third production year. Scattered plants become yellow and stunted and gradually die, leaving a thin, unproductive stand.

ROOT KNOT NEMATODE (RKN) Damage from root knot nematode is most likely to occur on sandy or organic (muck) soils. Small galls or 'knots' form on roots. These may be confused with nitrogen-fixing Rhizobium nodules.

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Asgrow Seed Co.
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Prepared by:
Landon H. Rhodes
Extension Plant Pathologist

John F. Underwood
District Agronomy Specialist

Paul R. Henderlong
Forage Agronomist

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